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The Return of Susan — 6 Comments

  1. How wonderful to see you up and at ’em again, Susan, and how wonderful the cancer scare was a misdiagnoses. Boo to that oncologist. I dont like hearing stories like that at all.
    I look forward to your next installment.
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

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  3. What a mix of relief and anger you must be feeling! I am so happy to hear this turned out well for you. Sara and I, after too many of these sort of incidents at the Mayo Clinic and other places, have learned to distrust the American medical institution. Fortunately there are some decent doctors out there and we were lucky enough to find one in Arizona… and then had to move anyway!

    Keep writing!

  4. Yippee! Good news.
    sorry you had that terrible time.
    Hope you can move on and not dwell on the troubles and worries caused by that doctor’s unprofessionalism. Life is too short to let idiots spoil it for us.
    Good for you. head up and on with life.

  5. What a great relief that must have been. What a torcherous journey to get there! Love your photo’s..

  6. Just coming over to say Hello from Diane Clancy’s site. Seems like you’ve had a bad time, glad it all worked out OK. You seem excited by the writing opportunities which are coming your way!

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