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Susan’s back in action — 5 Comments

  1. What a wonderful photograph. I can feel a cooling night breeze and a cardinal seems to be singing in a nearby thicket.

  2. Having been at that craft show, I certainly understand your decision to make an effort at marketing art online. It’s hard to find the market for art especially in a small town rural environment like this one.

    I have to say that although I’ve taken a small step to online marketing it hasn’t been successful and so I’m somewhat torn about this. I think I should probably try harder to make the online business work and yet I seem to be going in the other direction.

    Each little bit of this business takes so much time, effort, and money and it is easy to be discouraged if it doesn’t pay off. I think it all comes back to the work. Doing the work we love will hopefully bring us some success, and the definition of that will have to be our own. In every business there is the promise of financial reward, the hope that our efforts will succeed but the truth is in all business and especially in the arts there is no guarantee. I think your beautiful work is surely it’s own reward.

  3. Sister Sue,
    WELCOME back! We MISSED you…
    Nice to see you in the thick of it.

  4. By the way I like the clear sighted assessment of Ellen on the above post.

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